shark universe


The odds of a shark attack is .00003. People each year get bit by SNAKES , bees, hornets, scorpions, and spiders more than sharks each year. Marine Biologists don't even like to mention shark attacks because they are so rare. More people die in a single holiday's worth of car crashes then by 100 years of shark attacks. More people die each year by falling coconuts than by shark attacks each year. Are you scared of walking in a thunderstorm? I thought not! That's right! you heard me! There is a greater possibilitiy of being struck by lightning than by getting attacked by a shark. If you want to go in the ocean, you should check:

  • Don't swim if it is dawn or dusk,
  • Don't swim where sharks have been spotted
  • Don't wear jewery(watches, neclaces ect.)
  • Swim in a group
  • If you see a shark, move out of the water silently and quickly
  • Kick, punch it in the gills, nose or eyes.

People die more each year from car crashes and sand-hole collapses more than sharks. You are more likely to be in a car crash on the way to the beach then you are involved in a shark attack at the beach.As you can see, shark attacks are so rare. 

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