shark universe

Here you will find shark spicies.


The bull shark is my favoite shark.It is the  shark that can travel in freshwater. It is known to be the world's deadliest shark.The bull shark is like the tiger shark, it eats almost anything.The bull shark feeds on fish,other sharks, rays, sea mammals, turtles, sea birds, and molluscs. Bull sharks usually travel alone. There reproduction is viviparous. They weigh around 300lbs. and grow to be around 12 feet long. Bull sharks usually attack people in murky water.( when it is hard to see in the water. )The bull shark's jaw is set behind the bull shark's eyes. Bull sharks other names: Lake Nicicaragua shark, the zambezi shark, and the whaler shark. The scientific name for a bull shark is: carcharhinus leucas. This shark is in the requem shark family.



The tiger shark is one of the bigger sharks. It is known to have license plates,tires, drums, and arms of humans inside their stomachs. Tiger sharks especially like to eat sea turtles.Tiger sharks grow up to about 18 feet long! They weigh about 385 lbs. They belong to the requem shark family. The tiger shark usually feeds at night. Tiger shark attacks happen on the surface because tiger sharks like to feed on things like birds on the surface.  Their size when they are born is around 2 feet. They belong to the requem shark family, like the bull shark. They are mostly nocturnal. Their reproduction is ovoviviparous. 10-80 pups. The scientific name is Galeocerdo cuvier.


 Around 90 shark attacks happen worldwide, around 6 are hurt by great white sharks. This shark belongs to the mackerel shark family. They grow to a maximum of 24 feet. When it bites, the eyes roll to the back into its head for protection. They don't have nictitating membranes. So if a great white attacks you, hit it in the back of the eye. They weigh up to 2,400 pounds! Their reproduction is ovoviviparous. Their favorite food is seals and sealions. Around 90 shark attacks happen worldwide, less than 6 are great white attacks. The largest shark ever caught was 21 feet and weighing 7,300 pounds! Other names: White death, and White pointer. When they are born they are about 3.5 feet long! THis shark is endothermic. If the water was 50 degrees, it would be 76 degrees in a great white sharks body.


The Mako is the fastest of all sharks. Reaching up to speeds of 70 m.p.h.! These sharks use the white muscle mostly.This shark is endothermic.Let's say the water was 70 degrees, in the shortfin mako's body, it would be 84 degrees. This is also a lamnid shark. The reproduction is ovoviviparous. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. They grow up to 13 feet. They like to eat octopus, mackerel, swordfish, and marlin. They don't have a nictitating membrane. When they are born the are 2 feet long. They have 4-25 pups.It got its name by a tribe that thought that it was a man-eater. In their language mako means man-eater


 The sand tiger is most known for its teeth, I bet you can see that. It weighs up to 350 pounds! Its reproduction is ovoviviparous. It likes to eat rays, squids and other bony fish. They were the first shark to be a protected spicies in 1984. To find sandtigers you might have to go to shipwrecks. They like to hang out by them.

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